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“If we want children to flourish,
to become truly empowered,
then let us allow them
to love the earth
before we ask them to save it”
-David Sobel

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The Greening Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise.
We believe that a child who has a close relationship with nature will become an adult who makes choices to value and protect their world in the future.

Our vision is that
every child 
in every classroom in Australia
has an opportunity to
grow a garden from seed;
connecting with nature, and
greening their community!

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To make this possible, we have created a unique resource for schools!

The Nursery in a Box is a robust, reusable, relocatable tool which makes it easy for children to grow a garden from seed.

It contains everything they need to get started, and extra resources to help their teachers to use the experience of connection with nature as a learning opportunity.

“Students will be happier, healthier, smarter, more creative, more co-operative and better problem solvers, if they have frequent opportunities for learning in the outdoors as an integral part of their everyday lives”
– Dr Cheryl Charles, C&NN

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Active involvement in growing a new life from seed creates a physical and emotional connection with nature.



Planting a seedling grown with love into a space in the community creates a feeling of belonging and a sense of place.



Understanding the need to value and care for the places we live in is easy, and translates from a local to a global context.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
― Aristotle

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 When children care for another living thing, they are also caring for themselves.

When children value the world they live in, they want to protect and care for it.

We can raise compassionate citizens of the future through the simple action of helping them to
grow a garden.

Our Mission to put a
Nursery in a Box 
in every classroom
in every school in Australia,
 and help children to grow gardens for all to enjoy.

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We need your help to achieve this mission!


BUY a Nursery in a Box (or several) for your school to grow gardens.


DONATE a Nursery in a Box (or many) to the schools on our waiting list.


GIVE what you can to our Donation Fund, so we can give boxes to schools in need.

The development of this website was supported by funding from the Western Australian Government's State Natural Resource Management Program.
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