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me and thee, counting leavesThere are two elements that are essential to our ability

as human beings to reach our fullest potential.

These two elements have been proven in many studies to have a positive impact on our health, make us happier, improve academic outcomes in school students and increase property values, among other benefits.

What are these two powerful and magical elements?

The answer is simple: Nature and Community.

And they are two elements that are declining or missing from our everyday lives, and especially the lives of our children – the future citizens of our communities and stewards of the environment that we all rely on for our very existence.

The Greening Project brings these elements back into our everyday lives, creating opportunities for people to experience a connection with nature and community in fun and active ways!

Cover 1 medium

- ‘Nursery in a Box’ - grow a butterfly garden for your school, for your own backyard – or for your community!

- Festivals & Events that get the whole community involved in having fun while improving the green space in their neighbourhood

- Community Nurseries on school sites which get kids and community volunteers growing native plants for their chosen local projects.


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